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Beer in One Minute – St. Ambroise Double IPA


 Mid week hump day! Wednesday means it’s time for a video review.  I’m still trying to figure out the timing of this bad boy so hang with me and stay of my back on the timing, okay? This time I’m checking out St. Ambroise’s Double IPA from Central Canada.  Is it worthy of the award?  Watch… Read More

One of the most underrated Beer you know!

Crooked Coast close

 Beer: Crooked Coast Brewery: Driftwood Brewing Company Location: Victoria, BC Style: Altbier Alcohol: 5.1% If you’re an average beer drinker like me, you’re familiar with all the terms and variations like IPA, ESB, Ale, Lager etc.  But as you were reading Crooked Coast’s description, you may have asked yourself “What the hell is an Altbier?” If so don’t feel bad,… Read More

Pacific Beer Chat – the only Podcast you need to know


 In case you have been living under a rock and you missed the Podcast that came out a week ago I am going to enlighten you!  Five beer personalities have joined forces to bring you their insights on the Craft Beer Scene. Stay tuned by following the site and YouTube channel here: Pacific Beer Chat Blog… Read More

They gave me free beer!


  One of the biggest perks of blogging about beer is occasionally you get some free samples to check out.   For instance, the other day, the folks down at Beerthirst sent me some brews to check out.  Thanks Beerthirst!  The beer they sent me today comes from our neighbours down south.  Apparently a brewing… Read More

The latest IP-LAME (sorry Red Truck)

Red Truck IPA

 Beer: Red Truck IPA Brewery: Red Truck Location: Vancouver, BC Style: IPA Alcohol: 6.3% I don’t know what it is about this beer, but I just don’t like it. I consider it one of my missions in life to try every IPA that I can get my hands on. The bad part of this mission is that (in between awesome… Read More

Beerwildering Situationalization! Don’t be a victim


 Tell me if this sounds familiar… You are out having a beer, maybe you have just finished a 4 day hike, maybe your wife had a baby, perhaps you pushed out the largest turd of your life or possibly it was just a really hard day at work.  Whatever the reason, you feel the need… Read More

Nutty Uncle – Dead Frog Brewing

Nutty Uncle

 Beer: Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout Brewery: Dead Frog Brewery Location: Aldergrove, BC Style: Milk Stout Alcohol: 6.1% We have all been there. Empty snack cupboard, too lazy to cook and hungry.  All of the sudden your eye catches the peanut butter jar… The next thing you know you’re elbow deep in it spooning shovels full of the gooey… Read More


Day 24

  Wholly Guacamole! What a way to finish the calendars.  I got to know the Puzzler a little bit last winter and we got along famously.  But hold the phone Janice!  What do we have across the way? A very promising Rum & Raisin Belgian Dubbel collaboration beer!  I am literally (ok figuratively, but you… Read More


Day 23

  It’s a battle of the Belgians! A strong ale vs a big triple,  I was hoping that there would be more match ups like this happening in these calendars. I have never had either and have no idea what to expect.  All I know is that there is strength in these two and I’m… Read More

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