What the Funk Brett? Drinkin’ a Parallel 49 Dumb Funk

Parallel 49's Dumb Funk Brett IPA

Beer: Dumb Funk Brett IPA Brewery: Parallel 49 Brewing Location: Vancouver, BC Style: Brett IPA Alcohol: 6.8% ABV If I’m as good as I think I am at reading your mind, I know what you’re thinking;  What the funk is all this talk about Brett you jive turkey? Well, Brother- let me hit you with the skinny.Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Steamworks Tallboy Mashup

Steamworks Tall boys

I’m not normally one for press releases, but this one came to me today from Steamworks Brewing and I just had to let y’all know because, hell, who doesn’t love a tallboy? Check it out! STEAMWORKS RELEASES NEW MASH-UP    TALL CAN 8-PACK (Vancouver, BC May 17th, 2016) Campers, beachers and ballers rejoice. Steamworks TallRead More

Run to the Hills – Brew Brother’s Collaboration V2

Barkerville Run to the hills Belgian Tripple

Beer: Run to the Hills Brewery: Barkerville Brewing Co. & Parallel 49 Brewing Location: Quesnel, BC & Vancouver, BC Style: Belgian Golden Strong Alcohol: 8.0% In general, I like Barkerville Brewing. First off, they’re from Quesnel, BC, which is the town I always overnight in on the way to my summer cabin, second, they have a fewRead More

Thunderstruck – Brews Brothers Collaboration

Doans Thunderstruck Sticke Alt

Beer: Thunderstruck Brewery: Doans Craft Beer Company & Parallel 49 Brewing Location: Vancouver, BC Style: Sticke Altbier (Sticke Alt) Alcohol: 6.0% A project like Brews Brothers is just up Doan’s Craft Brewing Company’s Alley so it was no surprise that they had their hand in this one. It seems like their mission is to collaborate with anyRead More

People are Strange – Brews Brothers Collaboration Series

People are strange

Beer: People are Strange Brewery: Strange Fellows Brewing & Parallel 49 Brewing Company Location: Vancouver, BC Style: Hoppy Saison Alcohol: 6.5% Strange Fellows really brews some great beer, it’s no wonder that Parallel 49 chose to pair up with them for the Brews Brother’s 2nd volume. People are Strange Hoppy Saison is no exception to the rule. BrewedRead More

Help Me Help Hired Guns Creative!

our studio on fire

The Craft Beer Industry is an interesting animal. Although technically correct, I have a hard time referring to it as an industry. On paper I can understand how one could say it is an industry; there is a group of companies that provide goods and services that are related in their primary business activities (Sorry folks,Read More

Townsite’s Barrel Aged Cardena Quad had me over the Barrel

Townsite Barrel Aged Cardena Quad

Beer: Barrel Aged Cardena Quad Brewery: Townsite Brewing Location: Powell River, BC Style: Belgian Quad (Barrel Aged) Alcohol: 10.5% Those who know me know that I am a sucker for marketing schemes. It’s not that I am stupid or foolish. Hell, I even have a Bachelor’s Degree on the subject. The truth is, I just like a good marketingRead More

Persephone Brewing – Farm to Glass

Persephone Brewing

On the south coast of BC there’s a quaint little area called the Sunshine Coast.  It’s mostly known for summer holidays, laid back people and outdoor adventure.  The largest community there is Gibsons. Lucky for us, it’s the one that is closest to the ferry and is the home of a very underrated brewery; PersephoneRead More

Blitzen Belgian Tripel! Because Rudolph is a Jerk!

Steamworks Belgian Tripel

Beer: Blitzen Belgian Tripel Brewery: Steamworks Location: Vancouver, BC Style: Belgian Tripel Alcohol: 9% When all the holiday hubbub is over, like most other people, I like to reflect on all the oddities of Christmas’ festive songs. Steamworks’ “Blitzen Belgian Tripel” brings a very important question to mind: Why does Rudolph get all the attention? What about theRead More

Sleigh Booster – The Beer You Shoulda Left Out for Santa

Sleigh Booster Imperial Red Ale

Beer: Sleigh Booster Brewery: Bridge Brewing Location: North Vancouver, BC Style: Imperial Red Ale Alcohol: 9% I’m sure there are people out there that won’t like Bridge Brewing’s Sleigh Booster for various reasons, but they are, what I like to call…”poopoo heads”. Yes there are better beer out there, but there is nothing that isn’t veryRead More