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Pucker up baby! Obscuritas leaves you wanting more.

Obscuritas Zoom

  Beer:  Obscuritas Brewery: Driftwood Brewing Location: Victoria, BC Style: Dark Sour Ale Alcohol:  7.6% In the game of Beer, sours are a whole different ball game. If you’re a long time reader, you may remember my first sour beer the “Bird of Prey Flander’s Red Ale” by Driftwood.  I had no idea how it would taste and,… Read More

Oh Deschutes, you’ve done it again. Experimental IPA!

Deschutes Armory XPA

  Beer:  Armory XPA Brewery: Deschutes Location: Bend, Oregon, USA Style: Experimental IPA Alcohol:  5.9% If you are like me, don’t normally like to use acronyms like OMG, ROFL and AOL. But there are certain situations where the only thing that can really explain your true feelings is by yelling “OMFG this beer is good!.” My first time drinking… Read More

Beer for breakfast! Waking up with Maple Bacon Ale

central city maple bacon ale

  Beer: Red Racer and Jeff O’Neil Show Maple Bacon Ale (2015 Edition) Brewery: Central City Brewing Location: Surrey, BC Style: Amber Ale Alcohol: 5% Any excuse I can find to drink beer with breakfast when I’m not camping is a worthwhile endeavour for me! Thank you Jeff O’Neil Show for inspiring such a kick ass way to… Read More

Affable IPA? or is it F-able IPA – Affable IPA by Moody Ales

Affable IPA Moody Ales

  Beer: Affable IPA Brewery: Moody Ales Location: Port Moody, BC Style: India Pale Ale Alcohol:  6.8% Sometimes you have to pull out the dictionary to find out the proper meaning of a word… When I first saw Moody Ale’s Affable IPA, I thought to myself “It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been sexually attracted to a beer,… Read More

OH GOD! The arrogance! I can hardly stand it!

Arrogant Bastard Ale

  Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale Brewery: Stone Brewing Location: Escondido, Cafifornia Style: Ale Alcohol:  7.2% One of the things I love most about craft beer is the different names given to the brews.  Being a marketer at heart, I try to see how well the brewery has matched the name with the beer (much like the… Read More

Red Collar Brewing’s IPA is George Clooney

Red Collar Brewing IPA

  Beer: IPA Brewery: Red Collar Brewing Location: Kamloops, BC Style: IPA Alcohol: 6.25% Sometimes its awesome to drink those rough-edged IPAs where you can almost pick out the different flavours with your hands while you get shot in the face with a smattering of hops. You know the kind, the ones that seem like some crazy experiment and have… Read More

This Beer is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Red Collar Tripel

  Beer: Tripel Brewery: Red Collar Brewing Location: Kamloops, BC Style: Tripel Alcohol: 9% Sing me all the Gwen Stefani you want, I’m just not a huge fan of Tripels.  They all have at least a hint of my mortal enemy… the Banana! Bananas are everything wrong with the fruit industry. They are the most threatening… Read More

What it lacks in alcohol content, it makes up in Shazam!

Red Collar Mild Ale

  Beer: Mild Brewery: Red Collar Brewing Location: Kamloops, BC Style: Mild Ale Alcohol: 3.8% I haven’t met a beer with a low alcohol level that I really like. They all seem a little weak and lacking in one area or another.  After I take my first sip I would throw myself to the dirt and… Read More

Even the name of this beer brings the sexy!

Thebeerrater Video

  Beer:  Calypso Pale Ale Brewery: Persephone Brewing Location: Gibsons, BC Style: Pale Ale Alcohol: 5% It’s another Wednesday! That means we’ve got another video review for your viewing pleasure.  This week, we took a look at Persephone Brewing’s Calypso Pale Ale.  Is is the second in their “Single Hop Series” Is it worth a try?  Why not watch the… Read More

Hip as Funk is an all out brawl in your mouth!

Hip As Funk

  Beer:  Hip as Funk Brewery: Moon Under Water Brewery Location: Victoria, BC Style: Farmhouse IPA Alcohol: 7% Moon Under Water’s expertise in Belgian and European styles has really brought out a beer that is ingenious; Hip as Funk Farmhouse IPA. There is a lot going on with this beauty! When I first tasted it, it confused the funk out… Read More

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