It’s Contract Brewing!!!

You’ve heard the name, but is it really the answer to all our prayers? The short answer is yes. The long answer is “Yes it is.”

There’s no argument – the craft beer industry has been exploding over the last few years, and it definitely does not show any signs of slowing down. As more and more people join the craft beer hordes running amok trying to taste every different beer that exists, breweries are sweating off their perfectly crafted beer guts to keep up with demand.

All over the nation, breweries are begging suppliers and equipment vendors to get their hands on new equipment to increase their production. Opportunistic beer entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the exploding industry and opening up shop to be the coolest brewery on the block. While all us regular people rejoice, local governments and breweries alike are keeping their eye on one thing: Space. Not “SPACE” space, but production space.

Space Really is the Next Frontier

From a Government’s point of view – how do they embrace the growing industry but also leave space for other small businesses to thrive in the area? From the brewery’s point of view – how do you start or expand production when there’s no room to start or expand? If only there were somewhere you could outsource your production and still be able to operate out of the space you want and serve the community you want. Wouldn’t that be great?

The Solution is Here!

Rest easy, people! We have a delicious little concept we call Contract Brewing. If you haven’t heard of it – it’s basically taking your beer recipe and brewing it on someone else’s system. There are many benefits to Contract Brewing for The Startup Brewery, The Growing Brewery, and even The Importing Brewery.

FermenterThe Startup Brewery

Can’t find a space to brew? Can’t afford a space to brew? Don’t care and want to get your beer out to the masses anyway? With Contract Brewing, you get to brew your beer, package your beer and sell your beer without having to invest hundred of thousands of dollars (if not millions) in the space and equipment. Booyah!


The Growing Brewery

Have your popular beers taken up the majority of your capacity? Do you need to find extra space, but want to keep servicing your current community? With Contract Brewing, you get to stay in your original space and grow your production while figuring out what your next step is. Booyah!!


The Importing Brewery

Do you want to crack into a new market but the transportation prices your beer out of the market? Do you want to expand your beer across a country’s border, but the import fees price your beer out of the market? With Contract Brewing, you get to brew in the market you want to expand into, forget about ridiculous transportation/import fees, and support the local economy while you’re at it. Booyah!!!

The Growth of Contract Brewing

For many years, I’ve really only heard of Contract Brewing on a small scale. Some larger breweries who are scaling up production and/or have space in their schedule, rent/lease their tank space to a lucky brewery who can temporarily benefit from the boost in production. Other operations Like East Vancouver’s Callister Brewing act as a “Brewery Incubator” of sorts. Fledgling breweries get to piggyback on the Callister Brand to release different beer for a set period of time to gain exposure and experience before they set out on their own.

Factory BrewingThere’s a New Kid in Town – Factory Brewing

There’s a whole new beast that has come to Vancouver, BC that has not only changed the Contract Brewing Game, but will also change the local craft beer industry as a whole. The beast goes by the name of Factory Brewing. I knew that someone with the right skillset and experience would bring this here and I am so glad that they did.

Factory is a veritable Mega-Facility when it comes to Craft Beer. They act as a Brewhouse, Packaging Plant, and Beer Lab all in one. How cool is that? Without having to worry about brewing their own beer, they get to focus on making sure the quality and consistency of everyone else’s beer is up to snuff. Want beer in cans? They can do that. Bottle? They can do that too. Kegs? Of course! Growlers? Well, not growlers, but that’s a different thing. Maybe one day though! Who knows?

What Does This Mean?

What this means for the industry is now beer entrepreneurs can open up boutique locations wherever they want without having to worry about equipment and expansion. I truly believe this will increase the quality and consistency of our local beer as well as the variety of styles and essentially – good times.

Welcome to the new age!






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  1. Hey Beerrater, how’s it going? Just so I have it right, Factory Brewing does NOT brew their own beer, per se, they lease space and equipment to other brewers/breweries? Thanks!

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