Let’s get this party started

After 8 great years of growth, Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) is about to kick off on Friday, May 26, 2017. Looking at the lineup of events, we’re in for another great fest. There’s some classic events that have returned and some awesome new ones that are sure to delight your mouths, bodies, and minds! In that order. They’ve even brewed a bloody collaboration beer to celebrate the event!!!

There’s still tickets left

A little bird told me that you can still head on over to the Vancouver Craft Beer Week website and grab some tickets if you don’t already have yours. I’ll be at the Feats of Strength event on May 28th and of course, you’ll find me stumbling around the crowned jewel of the celebration – the VCBW Festival held over the June 3 -4 weekend. There was a time that I strayed away from these kinds of big events, but since scoring some free tickets two years ago to witness the craziness that is Vancouver Craft Beer Week, I find it hard to stay away. Every event has an energy that is hard not to get caught up in.

Make this year your year

If you’ve never made it out. Make 2017 your year to take part – they’ve definitely created a little something for everyone! From the “Craft Beer Newbies” (Brewbies) to the “Craft Beer Nerds” and everything in between, I promise there’s an event you’ll love. If you’re into big badass festivals where you dress up and try every beer you’ve ever imagined… There’s the VCBW Festival. If you’re more of a laid-back block party goer, grab a pass to the Brewers Row Block party! If you don’t want to hang outside all day and drink with strangers that suddenly become your friends, there are a whole lotta other events that you can attend. From food to art to feats of strength (yes they all pair perfectly with beer), you will find something you’ll enjoy! It definitely beats staying home and grooming your petunias!

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Crowd

So head on over to their website (Click Here), grab yourself a ticket to any event and join the party! If you happen to see me there, give me a high five and I might buy you a beer! Seriously.

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  1. I’m not a big beer person myself, but I’d be open to attending this fest! Definitely want to go to Canada one day, and maybe I’ll be there if I end up in Vancouver at that time of year!

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