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adam thebeerrater.comThere comes a time in ever blogger’s life where he/she finds someone who he/she knows he/she wants to be part of his/her life. A person that completes him/her and someone he/she cannot live without. A person that he/she can let know all his/her secrets and experience things he/she has never experienced before. For me, it’s my wife. But this post is about the new blogger on thebeerrater.com. He is okay in comparison to my wife and unlike my wife, I do not want to shower with him. Everybody meet Adam. He is the newest member on thethebeerrater.com team! I hope you are as excited as I am to have him on board and for the great misadventures he and I will be having in the years to come.

What’s this Gringo all about?

Welcome to a slightly different edition of thebeerrater.com. I am not the Beerrater. For starters, I am nowhere near as handsome and only half as whimsical. I am “The Fairly New Guy”. As a quick introduction, I spent the first 20 odd years on this planet in Nova Scotia, Canada – the next 20 in Ontario and now my  family and I find ourselves out here in beautiful British Columbia.

We arrived in BC October 2016.  I instantly found myself in awe of the sheer volume of beer this magical land has to offer. You see, Ontario’s beer scene is a good ten years behind what is going on out here. Over the last couple of years, however, they have been making some serious advances in the industry.  I felt like I was in a time warp when I got out of the car after making the trip across the country.

The Mission

I’ve spent the last year starting to get to know the scene around these parts. I visited breweries, joined homebrew associations and tasted every beer that I can. The Beerrater and I met in a tasting room and quickly formed a friendship based on a love of everything craft and our mutual sarcasm. He’s a busy man and has had a tough time keeping up with the blog as of late so I volunteered to help out where I can.

My hope is to not just share my opinions on beer I drink, breweries I visit and talk about the Craft Beer Industry.   I also want to get behind the scenes to shed light on the faces behind this crazy concoction we call beer. As well discuss different styles of beers that the uninitiated might not be aware of.

I’m really excited to be a part of thebeerrater.com team; not half as excited as “≈
I am that Mike does not want to shower with me though!”


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Head Writer and Editor for thebeerrater.com. Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.

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