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We’re fighting a war friends! The good news is that we’re winning! Every day, more and more people are turning on to craft beer – taking valuable sales from the bad guys. The lousy Macro-Beer Imperialists are getting desperate. They’re trying to buy up our resources, corn our Malt, and un-hop our IPA’s. But we will not falter. Now is not the time to to get cocky, we need to dig down into the trenches and pull our fallen brothers and sisters up to the light! As the Craft Beer Revolution grows we need to join together in a “Brewnited Front.”

I’m Getting Worried…

While on my tour of tasting rooms this month, I’ve noticed a rise in “Craft Beer Douchebaggery”. We’re all guilty of it from time to time. I’ll even be so bold to say that it may be necessary at times. When we’re trying to build our army against the big guys, we really need to listen to what our parents told us: CUT THE BULLSHIT!!! Being a fan of craft beer is great – Nay – the best!  But when you’re trying to impress your friends by spouting off about ABV, how high your Untapped Beer Count is, and how many breweries you’ve been to, no one in the room thinks you’re even a fraction of how cool you think you are. Instead, you’re confirming their suspicion that you are without a doubt, a turd. This is the kind of behavior that does not help the industry. In fact, it makes us look bad. This industry was built upon standing outside the norm, pushing the boundaries, and embracing the weird. Let’s keep it that way.

Get Your Head Straight!

Rate beerInstead of boasting about how you obviously pioneered the industry, why not focus on recruiting new fans and advocating for the industry? In my time writing about beer and serving beer, nothing has given me more pleasure than bringing on a new recruit. The look in their eyes when you show them how good beer can be and how excited they get when you’ve opened their eyes. This is what craft beer is about. Let’s grow this revolution and bring beer back to our communities and out of the hands of Macro Beer.

Need some help?

Try using one of these four beers as your recruitment strategy! I’m sure one of them will work for you like they do for me! Follow this link to find out how:

Intro to Craft Beer Beers





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