There’s a war coming!  Who will win?

Phillips’ Snowcase vs. the Parallel 49/Central City Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown

December is tomorrow!  You now what that means? Advent calendars of beer!  This year is especially awesome because I have two: the always exciting Phillips’ Snowcase and the brand new collaboration from Parallel 49 and Red Racer, the Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown!  Over the next 24 days, I will be reviewing and comparing these two boxes of joy to see who’s better at making me happy!  Stay Tuned.  This is going to be a wild ride!

The Teams

Snowcase – Phillips Brewing Company
Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown – Parallel 49 Brewing & Central City Brewing

The Contest

Day 1 – Phillips’ Electric Unicorn vs. Parallel 49 & Central City’s Schwarzwald

Day 2 –  Phillips’ Ol’ Pappy’s Smooth Sailing Amber Lager vs. Red Racer Pilsner 

Day 3 – Phillips’ Octofox IPA vs. Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty IPA

Day 4 -Phillips’ Ginger Beer – Central City’s Belgian Style Wheat Ale

Day 5 – Phillips’ Amnesiac vs. Parallel 49’s Old Boy Classic Ale

Day 6 – Phillips’ Shottleweizen vs. Red Racer Oatmeal Stout

Day 7 – Phillips’ Blue Buck vs. Parallel 49’s Toques of Hazard

Day 8 – Phillips’ Dr Funk Dunkel vs. Central City Red Racer Pale Ale

 Day 9 – Phillips’ Hop Circle IPA vs. Parallel 49’s Hoparazzi Lager

Day 10 – Phillips’ Slipstream Cream Ale vs. Central City’s Red Racer ESB

Day 11 – Phillips’ Analogue 78 Kolsch vs. Parallel 49’s Craft Lager

Day 12 – Phillips’ Crazy 8’s Annu-Ale vs. Central City’s Copper Ale

Day 13 – Phillips’ Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout vs. Parallel 49’s Black Christmas Dark Ale

Day 14 – Phillips’ Elsinore vs. Central City’s Red Racer ISA

Day 15 – Phillips’ Oatmeal Stout vs. Parallel 49’s Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

Day 16 – Phillips’ Longboat Chocolate Porter vs. Central City’s Red Racer IPA

Day 17 – Phillips’ Krypton Rye IPA vs. Parallel 49’s Sahti Claws

Day 18 – Phillips’ Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale vs. Central City’s Imperial IPA

Day 19 – Phillips’ Coulrophibia vs. Parallel 49’s Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale

Day 20 – Phillips’ Trainwreck Barrel aged Barley Wine 2014 vs. Central City’s Imperial Porter

Day 21 – Phillips’ Twisted Oak Barrel Aged Scotch Ale vs. Parallel 49’s Ugly Sweater Milk Stout

Day 22 – Phillips’ Cherry Hieter Smoked Cherry Ale vs. Central City’s Thor’s Hammer Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale

Day 23 – Phillips Surly Blond Big Belgian Triple vs. Parallel 49’s Vow of Silence Belgian Strong Ale

Day 24 – Phillips’ Barrel Aged Puzzler Belgian Black IPA vs. Parallel 49 and Central City’s Collaboration Rum & Raisin Dubbel Trubbel


  1. I don’t have the Phillips one but I will be rating all the beer as well from the mystery gift. Exciting!

  2. DAmn! that looks awesome! i am in Spain. how can i get hold of this beautys?!
    It will be a great opportunity to get to know craft beers from across the ocean.

    • This is a really late comment, but if you want to set up some kind of trade agreement. I’d be interested to trade Spanish craft beer for Canadian

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