Persephone BrewingOn the south coast of BC there’s a quaint little area called the Sunshine Coast.  It’s mostly known for summer holidays, laid back people and outdoor adventure.  The largest community there is Gibsons. Lucky for us, it’s the one that is closest to the ferry and is the home of a very underrated brewery; Persephone Brewing.  Originally they wanted to name themselves after the popular TV show “The Beachcombers” which was based in Gibsons. However, a certain TV network did not like that idea. After that little legal boondoggle, they ended up on the name “Persephone” after the iconic boat from “The Beachcombers” which currently sits on display five minutes away in Gibsons Landing. Personally I like the name Persephone better. So take that unnamed large powerful TV Network!

Name aside, Persephone puts out some really great beer that even I, regretfully, overlook from time to time. One thing particularly cool about them is that they grow their own hops and get help from the community to help out come harvest season. Check out their website here if you’re interested in learning more.

Persephone BrewingThey have one of my favourite tasting rooms and an awesome garden area for when the weather is nice. If you get there on the right day, you can even get your hair cut right in the tasting room! They really get the meaning of community You have to see it to really understand. If there’s a down side, it is that you have to take a ferry to get to them, or a plane, or drive your own boat. You could try to swim, but the water is really cold and you probably wouldn’t make it. Whatever your means of transport is, you should still try to get there; the beer is definitely worth the trip! They usually have a great range of eight or so beer that you can fill your growler with and a fridge full of bombers and cans to take away. I haven’t had a beer from Persephone that I didn’t like. If you get a chance to pick up some of their single hop series, do it! You don’t be disappointed. I promise you.

So far, I have only reviewed one of their beer (check out their Harvest Pale Ale here) but I will be changing that soon. They deserve a lot more attention than the currently get. So if you find yourself in the need of a day trip or a weekend away, why not venture over to the Sunshine Coast to visit a great little brewery name Persephone Brewing that makes some really great beer!


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  1. They are a great brewery and I have taken the ferry with my bike a few times. Much cheaper that way.

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