Just when you thought you’d seen it all before!

What’s the biggest problem with beer fests? Paying for them obviously. We dish the cash to get in the damn place and once we’re in we have to dish over another $100,000 just to get a mild buzz? It’s not cool. But we do it anyway. Until now!

The Battle of the BrewsThe Battle of the Brews is this Weekend! – August 19

I was about to write off Beer Fests forever until I got a friendly message from everyone’s favourite Radio Host – Casey-Jo Loos at The Peak 102.7 inviting me to their awesome new beer fest – The Battle of the Brews! It honestly has everything you’d want in a beer fest:

  • Funky tasting glass (this is really why we go right?)
  • A multitude of beer (Obviously)
  • Awesome food options (Nom Nom Nom)
  • Awesome tunes (the Peak is putting it on so there’s gotta be kickin’ tunes)
  • An easy to access location (Surrey City Hall is right by the Sky Train)

Sounding pretty good so far right? But wait, there’s more!!! All the proceeds go to two great causes –  Athletics 4 Kids and Surrey Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society youth initiatives. In the case I have to spell that out for you… Your drunk ass is literally making other people’s lives better just by being there. You’re basically a super hero for attending.

I haven’t even gotten to the good part!

Once you’re in, everything in The Battle of the Brews is free. YES! FREE! You pay your admission and that’s all you worry about. Feel free to eat all the foods, drain all the kegs and have all of the good times your body can handle. For once, you don’t have to worry about how many tokens everything costs.

If that’s not enough for you!

There’s even more to this puppy! Inside the beer fest, there’s a competition where you get to vote for the beer of the show! You just have to check it out!

Beer BuddyBuy Tickets:

Buy Tickets Here!

Learn More:

All about the fest > The PEAK 102.7 Battle of the Brews Beer Fest

The Awesome Causes:

Athletics 4 Kids

Surrey Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society youth initiatives



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  1. Anonymous

    Great concept and great causes! Like no other. Really cool!

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