Out of the Dark…

Let’s face it. We all started our adventure into beer by stealing one of our Dad’s Macro lagers from the fridge when no one was looking. Your first taste was strange, tingly and transformational all at the same time. At some point in your beer journey, you “saw the light” and moved over to Craft Beer. As you discovered more and more different styles of beer, you started to transition from an exploratory beer newbie into a full-fledged industry fanatic. You started looking at your friends wondering, “If they don’t love craft beer why are they my friends in the first place?” It’s not that they’re worthless, they’re just ignorant. All they really need is what you originally found- that magical transitional beer. Luckily you are here to show them the way.

Who’s on Your Intro list?

Most beer Nerds, like me, have their own list of these “Intro to Craft Beer” Beer. If you haven’t compiled yours yet, here’s mine.  All these beer come from the smaller breweries around the lower mainland and can be found in most liquor stores. They’re all tried and true and have converted at least one Macro Maniac into a Craft Beer Junkie.

Steel and Oak Red PilsnerSteel & Oak Red Pilsner – ABV 5% | IBU 35

Fans of lighter lagers love this beer. The lightness of this brew comforts their habits white the malty redness piques their interest and make them question what other things in their life they got wrong.

Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears Ruby AleParallel 49 Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale – ABV 6% | IBU 40

An easy drinking red ale that can be found pretty much anywhere. There’s nothing offensive about this beer and a good intro to hops for those lager-heads who aren’t used to flavour.

Steamworks Flagship IPASteamworks Flagship IPA – ABV 6.7% | IBU 65

This is the IPA for fools who don’t like IPAs. The beauty of this Hazy East-Coast IPA’s is that the juicy, fruitiness of its flavour disguises the reasons all your idiot friends complain about the hoppiness of IPAs. Even Marge from accounting will love this one.

Fuggles and Warlock Bean Me Up StoutFuggles and Warlock Bean me up Stout – ABV 5.7% | IBU 24

When someone says, “I hate dark beer” or “it’s too heavy” or something odd like that, throw one of these bad boys in front of them. Their love of coffee will find solace in this espresso milk stout. It’s a veritable Cappuccino in a can. Trust me, it works.


Head Writer and Editor for thebeerrater.com. Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.


  1. great list. I’m not big into craft beer due to an allergy but my husband is all about it!

  2. Hahaha I love your take in this post. I used to like beer in high school but then my taste buds decided nope, not for me and changed. I’m NOT a beer person whatsoever but the ones you listed here actually make me want to try one! Next time I’ll have to look for these to try them out ?

  3. My intro to beer was a variety of stouts and porters, and now that I’ve been a beer drinker for a few years, I’m also a huge fan of gose, hefes, wit, saison and several others. Just no lager or pale ales for me, yuck!

  4. My husband loves craft beer but I can’t seem to get into it. I’m all about cider though ?

  5. What drew me to this post is that it’s all so foreign to me. Beer that is lol. But my husband is a big beer drinker so I’m trying to learn. Pinned! Thanks!

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