Why I’m Angry

It’s not because I’m hungry!!

With the world of beer blogs and snobs that are out there, we feel the that none of them are really telling us why a beer is good. As an average Mike wanting to know what beer to drink without all the ratings on colour or how long the head lingers, we are at a loss.  Personally, we could care less about the descriptors beer judges use to judge a beer by.  The beauty of this fast moving craft beer industry is that breweries are breaking the mold of what a typical beer should taste like.  What has historically been a perfect IPA, can now be boring. We are here to offer an unfiltered view on the world of craft beer. Without all the fluffy fluff you find everywhere else.

To be clear, we claim no expertise in what we are doing.  Consider this a gift.  Sometimes you just like something because it’s good.  One thing is for sure, If we tell you that a beer is good, go get it!  I don’t care if little Suzie is taking her first steps, she will take millions of them in her life, but that beer you just heard about?  It’s important! If you find a beer equally as important, let us know, we’ll shout it our as loud as we can.

This is a blog for the any man, the every man and the beer fan alike.  It is time for a beer guide without all the garbage other will write. In short, this is just some straightforward drinking advise.

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