How I-rate!

Here’s the Skinny

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight, when we say beer, I am talking about “Craft Beer”, if you’re going to drink, make it worth drinking.

You may have been told that there are many ways to taste and subsequently rate beer.  There are websites that can give you guidelines and systems to drink and examine beer.  You can find are plenty of different glasses to “help”  you experience beer.  There are even courses you can take and even certifications to be achieved.  Fortunately for most of us, none of this prevents us from enjoying beer.

We could honestly care less how long the head stays around on our beer or what the colour is.  The colour is an effect of the brewing process and the only important head you need to worry about is the head you get on birthdays and anniversaries. Anyone who tries to convince us otherwise should be slapped in the face. Twice. There’s only one way to drink beer as far as we’re concerned:

The Steps

1. Get Beer.  Buy it, make it, be given it, steal it if you must, just get a beer in your hand.  Please for the love of god, make it craft beer.

2. Open the beer. Bottle opener, twist the top off, break it open; we could really care less how you do it.  Somehow achieve access to said beer.

3. Pour the Beer (This is a completely optional step). Pour the beer into any shaped glass, whatever is available.  A truly good beer by our standards should not need to be consumed in any special vessel.

4. Drink the beer.  Sip it, chug it down, gulp it.  Again, it really doesn’t matter, just get it in your mouth.

This simple 3-4 step process is all you need to determine if a beer is good.  If anyone tries to tell you differently slap them immediately.  If you don’t want to, send them our way, We’ll gladly do it for you.

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