There are some awesome businesses out there gang! I know, I try to get to know all of them, it’s exhausting. Out of the products I’ve tried, the services I use, and events that I attend, there are the ones you should try! 

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  1. So I don’t drink beer but now I am wondering can bad beer ruin your game watching experience? Is beer sold at the stadium considered good or bad beer?

    • We believe good or bad beer depends on the drinker. If your team is losing… Its probably going to be bad beer. But if you’re winning then you are drinking the nectar of the gods

  2. clarice20

    I’m not a beer drinker or a huge hockey fan, but this was fun and hilarious to read nonetheless! Go Oilers!

  3. I agree! Beer and any sport go hand and hand! It just creates the perfect atmosphere! Hopefully the playoffs turn out in your favor!