Field House Brewing Sour wheat GoseBEER: Sour Wheat Gose

BREWERY: Field House Brewing

LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC

STYLE: Sour Wheat Gose


If you haven’t heard of Field House Brewing, I don’t blame you, I do shame you, but I don’t blame you. They’re only a little over a year old and as far as Vancouver is concerned, they are out in the boonies – Abbotsford, BC. With good traffic, you can make it out there in a little under an hour, but traffic in this part of the world is never good, so you’re probably better off grabbing a flight from YVR and taking the express route to Abbotsford. If you want to save your money, use Airmiles, right now you can grab some bonus miles at Safeway if you buy a 2 pack of Glades Plugin refill cartridges. The point I’m trying to make, however convoluted, is that these new guys on the block need some bloody huge attention for this beer!!! This beer is amazing and you need to get out of my way as I’m about to scour the lower mainland for every last bottle!

I’m not about to share this one…

The ironic thing about the Sour Wheat Gose is that it says right on the bottle that Field House Brewing’s beer is meant to share with friends. There’s no way in hell I’d waste this beer on my friends. They can drink whatever swill they can find as long as I can have this one to myself. At 3.8% ABV, it’s a perfect weekday beer – you’re pretty much guaranteed to wake up without a hangover. I can’t begin to explain how much I love this beer. Well, maybe I just did but I will never end my explanation of how much I love this beer!

Here’s the facts Boyo!

The nose of this beer is indicative of a sour. I don’t know the exact terminology, but the smell has the markers of a sour and it makes me happy. When Field House Brewing’s Sour Wheat Gose goes-uh into your mouth something special happens. A punch of tasty tropical juiciness fills all 17 corners of your pie hole.  The flavour fills you with a happiness that only a remote beach vacation can provide. To be vaguely specific, I got a mix between Passionfruit and Guava out of it. There are probably other flavours in there, but these are the ones I’m going with – a very tropical medley. The feel in your mouth is nice and light thanks to the wheat – it really works well with the topical taste and sour sourness.

Near the end of the taste and into the finish there’s a saltiness that really brings out the flavour. Don’t worry new guy, the saltiness is a characteristic of the Gose that we actually look for and it’s a good thing. There’s an underlying sourness that hangs around the whole taste and well after you swallow. Everything is so unexpected – well balanced and expertly crafted. I was not expecting this level of awesomeness from someone so new to the scene.

Field House Brewing logoOverall…

If this doesn’t win an award, I will have even more evidence for my beer award conspiracy theory. Well done Field House Brewing. In my humble opinion, your Sour Wheat Gose, Goes-Uh down as the best beer I’ve had all year!



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  1. This rocks! Thanks for the review! – The Field House Crew (from waaaaay out in the boonies!)

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