Driftwood De Auras Wheat SourBeer:  De Auras

BreweryDriftwood Brewery

Location: Victoria, BC

Style: Wheat Sour

Alcohol:  6.5%

First there was Bird of Prey then came a couple others that I missed.  Then there was Obscuritas – the beer that officially got me hooked on sours. Now, from Driftwood Brewing comes “De Auras Wheat Sour.” I’d say they just keep getting better, but you really have to judge them each by their own merits.  Much like Miss America or miss Universe, or Miss “Whatever, no one really cares.” Unlike all those competitions, the beer of Driftwood’s “Bird of Prey” series have substance (Oh Snap!). De Auras is the first Wheat Sour of the series and I am almost a little sad that the weather isn’t nicer to enjoy this with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s freaking good. The only problem is the wheaty lightness of it makes me want to sit on my patio and pretend that I don’t have work in the morning. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, this is really a great beer for any time of year.

Driftwood Brewing’s De Auras Wheat Sour’s exterior is deceptively normal. Like many unfiltered beer, it pours a lightly hazy amber with a bright white head. The smell instantly gives away that it is in fact a sour, but you can’t really hide that. Plus, who the hell would want to hide a sour? The smell reminds me of sweet tart candies mixed with some sour cherries with maybe a little plum in there. I also smelled a hint of grassy wheat and banana. Once you get De Auras Wheat Sour into your mouth, the party really begins. The most noticeable thing is the sour champagne like bubbles that fill your mouth. Shortly after, the real flavour chimes in. First you taste those cherry and plum flavours you smelled earlier. That leads into some common wheat beer characteristics; grassy, wheat and Banana. Near the end of the taste, I picked up some earthy notes mixed in with a really enjoyable oakeyness (possibly not oakeyness, but that’s what I’m calling it). Once you swallow, you get a lingering cherryish oak flavour that I could not get enough of. The overall taste is really light and finishes quite dry as the wine-o’s would say. Personally I wish this were a tooth paste flavour; I would gladly walk around with it in my mouth all day (Or at least until my morning coffee).


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