Any Style of Beer Has a Perfect Food Partner!

For some reason, the Wine Snobs seem to have it in their head that wine and food is the only partnership between alcohol and food that is worth fighting for. Well, They’re flat out wrong! Beer and food are filled with so many similarities, contrasts and things that just work together, it’s insane!  This is going to be super popular come summer time – Trust me – or try it for yourself and come to tell me I was right.

Thanks to our friends at Central City Brewing and Red Racer and their amazing new relaease -“Lime Margarita Gose”, the Crew was challenged to show us how Beer “Gose” with food! (see what I did there?).

Do you think Beer GOSE with Food?

If you think you can prove the point better –  join in the fun, >Click here< to join or head on over to Twitter and Instagram and check out the hashtag #CraftcoHop to follow along! But first! Check out these guys below

Craft Tourist


I’ve always been a fan of pairing food with my beer and this brand-spankin’ new Lime Margarita Gose from Red Racer was a fun one to play with! Sadly I didn’t get a shot of the empanadas that I enjoyed with this crisp, tart and salty brew but I did have the foresight to get this picture with some great cookbooks ahead of time!





“I decided to pair this Margarita Lime Gose with a tasty spicy chicken wrap…actually two of them.  The strong lime flavour countered the heat from the wrap nicely…made for a delicious beer/food pairing.  Ever drink a beer from a Margarita glass?”






Anytime we see the word “Margarita” we stop, get into our bikini’s (yes, even Jamie), make tacos and relax in a hammock. It’s just what we do! A little fantasizing about Mexico never hurt anyone right?! This Red Racer Gose was just what we needed to reminisce about sunshine, tequila, and Mexican beaches.




Beer Me Canada


When you read margarita you might think tacos, well I at least did. And with Red Racers latest Lime Margarita Gose, a beer with a twist. I decided to have tacos with a twist. And this is them, Butter Chicken tacos from the Showshaa next to me work. And wow was it ever the perfect pairing






Food and beer are a time-honored companionship. So what would go better in a pineapple teriyaki stir-fry than a Lime Margarita Gose from Red Racer?! A tart, lower abv ale that will have you dreaming of relaxing in the sun with your feet in the sand.  Be warned though, this beer will not last past the cooking stage…don’t ask how I know! 🙂





“Nothing better than cooking with beer, especially when it goes well! The “when” is the tricky part. I guess, sometimes that just how it “Central City Ginger Lime” Gose.





Matter of Beer


When you’re trying to get a great shot with a lot on your plate, it’s easy tequila bit of time, just in quesa it doesn’t turn out. But if you taco bout it over a good meal, it can make it salsa better just like this amazingly bright @CentralCityBrew’s @redracerbrew Lime Margarita Gose.




Sea To Sky Beer Guy


When I first saw Gose I pronounced it as one would hose or nose.  I’ve since learned that the mo’better pronunciation of Gose is ‘go-suh’.  But my teeny brain needs help assimilating new stuff so I constantly look for tricks to help me along.  And so, what food goes best with Go-suh? That most munchable of Indian lunchables, the Samosa! I mean come on: a Go-suh with Samosa?  It rolls right off the tongue! And now we’ve invited yet another country and culture to the table. Well done, Central City; you’re solving the world’s problems one pint at a time!


Beer Brothers


It doesn’t matter where you call home, or where you find yourself most relaxed… One sip of this delicious gose will put you on the beaches of Mexico.
Can’t make it to Mexico?
Then nothing like a huge tropical fruit cocktail, beach chairs to pair with this delicious salted lime gose.



What do you think? Are you convinced Beer Gose with food yet??

Give the CoHop some serious applause for this round!  Head on over to @thebeerrater on Instagram and vote for your favourite pic! These fine folks’ livelihoods are at stake! When you’re done, why not give the hashtag #CraftcoHop a search and see what other shenanigans they’ve been up to?

A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge! We’re gonna hit the Dance Floor!!!!


Head Writer and Editor for Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.

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