We got called out!

It seems like we might look a little soft. After the last #CraftcoHop, some street punks commented that we craft beer folks were weak and wouldn’t last an hour on the streets. Well if you know any of us you’ll know that we are hard AF! So I put the challenge out to the crew to show the world how tough we were.

If you think you’re as tough as all these bad ass mofo’s –  join in the fun, >Click here< to join or head on over to Twitter and Instagram and check out the hashtag #CraftcoHop to follow along!

Enough with the rambling, let me show you how tough these mother folkers are!

Beer Me Canada


craftcohopI know I’m tough and while I sit back and enjoy this Graffiti IPA 6.9% from Parkside Brewing lets you go down memory lane with a few pics to prove my toughness. Having heart surgery when I was 4, getting the worst case of chicken pox the ER had ever seen. Got chicken pox after getting 30 stitches(wide awake) inches from my spine. 12yrs worth of winters growing up in Alaska as well as helping my dad clean animals. Then there’s bailing off my BMX on Hastings St.and getting road rash down the side of my face. End result is this tattooed shell that has a love for all things craft beer and I have lots more stories. When you see me out ask me about the time I dislocated my shoulder!!

Craft Tourist


craftcohopThis week’s feature of @parksidebrewery Graffiti IPA in the #CraftCoHop challenge had a theme of “Show These Punks Who’s Boss” but here’s the thing, I’m a lover, not a fighter. In the face of adversity I usually retreat to the mountains and let nature take its course. That said, I never go empty handed. Having a killer, crushable IPA to calm the savage beast allows me to return in a state of zen where I then handle the “Punks” in a civil and gracious manner.



Craft Beer Carnasaur


craftcohopSo you think you can step on the Carnasaur? Well. These Parkside Graffiti IPAs (Insolent Punk A-holes) tried, so I hunted them down at a beer festival and made them pay. Now they bow in submission! Clearly I am not to be messed with. Do you want to be next? Don’t make me show you what these tiny arms can do…




Sea to Sky Beer Guy



Location………….Squamish Skatepark
Angry Athlete…..Graffiti Mal
Beer………………..Parkside Brewery’s Graffiti IPA
Band……………….Beastie Boys
Album……………..Paul’s Boutique
Song………………..Three Minute Rule


Taking life as it comes, no fool am I
Going off, getting paid, and I don’t ask why
Playin’ beats on my box, making music for the many
Know a lot of def girls that are doing their thing
A lot of parents like to think I’m a villain
I’m just chillin’, like Bob Dylan
Yeah I drink Parkside, it helps me with my brain
I might be a little dusted but I’m not insane
People come up to me and they try to talk trash, man

I was drinkin’ craft when you were sucking your
Macro draft!

Now who’s tough?

How about showing some appreciation for these fine folks!  Head on over to @thebeerrater on Instagram and vote for your favourite pic! These fine folks’ livelihoods are at stake! When you’re done, why not give the hashtag #CraftcoHop a search and see what other shenanigans we’ve been up to.

A huge thanks to all that participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge!


Head Writer and Editor for thebeerrater.com. Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.

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