Warming up With a Nice Cold Beer????

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Welcome to the second episode of the newest, most exciting new series on thebeerrater.com -The CraftcoHop. A series where I get a bunch the local Craft Beer personalities to answer ridiculous questions about beer! If you want to join in the fun, >Click here< to apply or head on over to Twitter and Instagram and check out the hashtag #CraftcoHop to follow along!

For those of you not living under a stupid rock for the last week or so, you may have noticed it was freaking freezing out there! SO cold in fact – the only fitting beer was the Strathcona Beer Company Winter Radler, Brrr! I asked the crew (some new faces too) what would you do to stay warm with this beer? You’ll love what they came up with:

Beer Me Canada


Brrr!! Strathcona Brewing winter radler …not a fan of most radlers but when you throw in cranberry it makes me happy. Granted anything the guys do at Strathcona is tasty.

We were asked how would we stay warm during this “cold snap” with this beer?

Well guys I’m just going to enjoy the bit of sun we got after the snow and not let the snow bother me. I grew up in Alaska and weather like this it reminds me of break up time or spring in Alaska. So the I’ll rock my vans and bask in the sun sippin this light beverage

Craft Tourist


“Regardless of the weather outside, I’m always down to get out there and Earn My Beer. When hitting the trail on a full on snow day, I make sure that I’m dressed in layers and that my backpack provisions always include some tasty BC Craft Beer to rehydrate. Although the beer itself may not raise my body temperature, the one thing it will always do is warm my heart.”



Craft Beer Carnasaur


The BeerRater asked me what I would do with Brrr! to stay warm. Being a plastic dinosaur, there was only one clear and obvious answer: Work feverishly through the night sewing fashionable sweaters for everyone.




Matter of Beer


When a West Coast winter storm hits, what better place to be than paired up under the covers with a bit of candlelight? (I mean, have you seen your latest hydro bill?)





Vancouver Craft Beer


A toque and a scarf ain’t quite cutting it with this Strathcona radler…try as we might it’s still rather chilly. Guess another blanket and a roaring fire is in order. Just need some firewood…now where did I put that ugly chair?




Sea to Sky Beer Guy


What would I do with this beer to keep warm?  I’d drink it.

Traditionally a summer beverage, radlers are rad at any time.  Strathcona Brewing Co. knows this full well, bending convention with this, their winter interpretation.  Cranberries are harvested in the fall and Mandarin oranges come out for Christmas and both of these fruits give up their juice for the Brrr!

So how the heck does it keep you warm?

It’s a state of mind, baby!  Drinking this beer, even under the coolest conditions, will warm the soul and whisk you away to those hot, halcyon days of summer.  I could literally have my wife and kids bury me in snow and not feel winter’s chill as long as I had a Brrr! to snuggle up with!

How did You Stay Warm?

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A huge thanks to all that participated. What should we do next week?


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