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Welcome to the first episode of a brand new series on -The CraftcoHop. A series where I get a bunch the local Craft Beer personalities to answer ridiculous questions about beer! If you want to join in the fun, >Click here< to apply or head on over to Twitter and Instagram and check out the hashtag #CraftcoHop to follow along!

You know those times that a beer is so good you feel a little sexually attracted to it?  I sure do. Well,  I got in touch with some of my beer friends and asked them… What would happen if you took Backcountry Brewing’s Widomaker IPA on a date, what would that look like? Interested? Well, read on to see what happened:

Dennis the Foodie

CraftcoHop Beer Date

The Beerd Show


So, thebeerrater asked me “If you were to go on a date with BackCountry Brewing’s Widowmaker IPA where would you go?”

Well, where else but to the cemetery to visit one of her many ex-husbands who passed away under very suspicious circumstances. The Widowmaker IPA wanted to pay her last respects to the once love of her life.

The Widowmaker is the signature IPA from BackCountry Brewing and is 6.7% alc./vol. and is 50 IBU. It’s light in colour with some haze to it but don’t let that fool you. This murderous IPA is exploding with an intense juicy flavour that was created by the Citra & Mosaic hops. On my tongue, I get a whole lot of tropical fruit, in particular pineapple & grapefruit, which makes for an IPA you can drink all year round.



CraftcoHop Widowmaker IPA

If we were to go on a date with Widowmaker IPA I think the only appropriate place would be to climb Sky Pilot in Squamish with a snow storm on the way. Widowmaker IPA would have a great time, because the date would more than likely live up to it’s name. There’s a good chance one of us isn’t making it back down the mountain, but hopefully we do, because then we can “warm up” at her place.
















CraftcoHop Widowmaker IPAThe question is, “If you were going on a date with this beer, where would you go?”

First, let me just say that I would NEVER date this beer.  EVER.  

But the question clearly says “If”.  If you were, then where?  

Okay fine.  If I had to, I’d invite Widowmaker to my house, make frozen pizza & polite conversation then take her home and thank the Gods (both real and imagined) that I made it back alive.  

Why? – She’s a WIDOWMAKER!  It says so right on the can!  This is what we in the business call a Fatal Attraction Ale, or Basic Instinct Beer (B.I.B. for short).  She’s beautiful, delicious, tropical, hazy but not too hazy and basically everything you want in a beer.  Except for one thing, and this one thing I CANNOT stress enough: she will kill you.  Basic Instinct Beers are the BEST you’ll ever have and they are the LAST you’ll ever have.  So if you’re ready for the great beyond then drink deeply of her offerings and smile when the knife finds its way between your ribs.  

I love you, Widowmaker.  That is why I could NEVER date you.

Who had fun?

I sure did. A huge thanks to all that participated. Help me thank each of them by following and commenting on everyone’s photo on Instagram. Just follow their link or search the hashtag #CraftcoHop to tell them what you think!


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