We love our beer!!! We must protect it!!!!

As the summer draws to an end, we take a look back at the highlights of everyone’s favourite season. I don’t know about you all, but over the summer, I seem to have lost a whole crapload of beer. I asked doggo, but he reminded me that he doesn’t have the opposable thumbs necessary to open the fridge. This means only one thing… I have been robbed. Thankfully, the good folks at Strange Fellows Brewing put up their Guardian White IPA to help the gang and I figure out the best way to protect our beer from the snatchers.

A huge thanks to Stange Fellows Brewing for supporting the CraftCoHop this week. Check out whats next for them by visiting their website here: Strange Fellows Brewing

Join us – How do you protect your beer from neer-do-wells???

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@CraftCoHop asked us this week how we keep our beer safe. Well, first off you need to have a super secret spot to drink it (try finding this spot, I dare you). Second, you need knives, lot’s of knives 


How does a dragon keep its @strangefellowsbrewing beer safe? Its dragon breath! 


I was told that grownups keep all their important stuff locked in their brief cases. Now that I am a grownup I do the same.


“I’m not one to question pirates or dogs, so when I want to keep a treasure of a beer like Strange Fellows Guardian safe, I bury it. Now to remember where I hid the gold.”


It’s a warm summer, a long weekend afternoon and time for a delicious white IPA. Suddenly out of nowhere! A small, fuzzy, four legged terror comes running after and jumps after you; attempting to stop you enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the grass. The only thing you have left to do is … tire her out!


The Guardian White IPA from Strangefellows Brewing is equal parts hoppy and refreshing, which makes it a likely target for craft beer snatchers! The key to keeping the thirsty thieves at bay is a convincing disguise…something that a craft beer aficionado wouldn’t dare reach for. In comes the macro brew trenchcoat. This Bud’s for me


The monsters of fall ain’t stealing my beer!!!


The master of shadows will always be there to keep your beer safe. Although you leave it unattended at your peril, for the master is fickle and arbitrary and may decide your beer is better off on the floor!

What do you think? Is their beer safe?

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A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge!


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