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Bomber Brewing’s Skyline Lager has come not a moment too soon. With all the smoke that’s been hanging over our heads the past few weeks, I think we can all agree that we were all jonesing for a refreshing skyline. To celebrate, I handed the team a can of Bomber’s Skyline lager. Their job this week was to take their brew and seek out a view. Keep reading to see how they did!

A huge thanks to Bomber Brewing for supporting the CraftCoHop this week. Check out whats next for them by visiting their website here: Bomber Brewing

Join us – What kind of fun facts do you know???

Join in the fun! >Click here<or head on over to Facebook and Instagram and comment on the pics – check out the hashtag #CraftCoHop to follow along! But first! Check out these folks below.


Sometimes the weight of the world feels much too heavy, and when it does, you need to reach for something light to lift your spirits and center you. Skyline Lager is just that, light, refreshing, and extremely well balanced.


thirsty explorers club

This is a German Helles Lager and a San Diego Skyline. What’s the connection you ask? Well, as famous San Diego Anchorman Ron Burgundy told us, “Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina”



When you are so close to nature, the only skyline you can see is the horizon. Cheers to sunset,


“Skyline lager was the perfect beer to watch the smoke clear”


The only really way to get a great view is to get above it all. A quick trip over the Malahat to match one amazing Skyline with another from Bomber Brewing.


The smoke and the rain make for ominous beauty. With this beer you feel as glorious as the skyline.



westcoasthomebrewer skyline


What do you think? Do these folks have skill? Or are their heads in the clouds???

Give the CraftCoHop team some overly enthusiastic applause for this round!  When you’re done, head on over to @thebeerrater on Instagram and vote for your favourite pic! These fine folks’ livelihoods are at stake! When you’re done, why not give the hashtag #CraftcoHop a search and see what other shenanigans they’ve been up to? 

A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge!


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