There can only be one true Champion – Dageraad Brewing!

On a Normal day, we feel lucky to be surrounded by so many fantastic breweries right here in our own backyard. This is no normal day. This is the day that we CraftCoHoperators get to play with not only the 16th Annual Canadian Brewing Awards’ “Brewery of the Year” but also one of their Gold Medal Winning Beer! How Bad-Ass is that? If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about their always delicious “Burnabarian – Belgian-Style Abbey Ale/Pale Ale”. When it comes to High-Profile, this is it, the best of the best. Just drinking it channels your inner Hero, or should I say “Barbarian”. I felt the team would agree, so naturally – I asked them to show that inner Champion. This is what happened…

A huge thanks goes out to Dageraad Brewing this week for their support for the CraftCoHop. We are proud to have Canada’s Top Brewery right outside our door. Your commitment to quality and overall delicious beer is a benchmark of the Craft Beer industry!


Join us – Show your inner hero!!!

Flex some Muscle –  join in the fun! >Click here<or head on over to Facebook and Instagram and comment on the pics – check out the hashtag #CraftCoHop to follow along! But first! Check out these folks below.



In honor of the original Burnabarian himself, Robert Burnaby. Written by William Hopperazi Wallace……

Aye, drink and you may die. Stop and you’ll live — at least a little while longer. And dying, empty like your last glass, in your laz-y-boy many years from now. Would you be willing to trade all the beers from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies (InBev) that they may take our craft, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!!!!!!

Vancouver Craft Beer


As blood-curdling cackle goes echoes throughout the chamber the Burnabarian crashes clumsily into the dust. Its body now a hollow shell, void of its once life-giving essence.  As the life fades from its eyes those words of wisdom from their former master – they seemed so meaningless at the time – become as clear as ever. Had they only listened… “Never split the party.”



When we were challenged to find a @dageraadbeer Burnabarian Barbarian moment, I captured this manly moment of Mr. while camping, slicing through firewood with a swing of his axe. There’s a certain charm when a man is so focused on doing something, isn’t it?

Ivan The Iceman


When thinking about toughness my wife @tiannamichelle1 is the strong one… not me. Here she is doing eight angle pose with one hand supported by the Burnabarian by @Dageraadbeer, and I am barely able to do an egg stand. She is a Beast!”

Fermentation Project


We all have a little Barbarian inside of us, the Burnabarian Belgian Table beer by Dageraad will unleash it! Just try to keep it under control

Thirsty Explorers Club


“What better way to relax on top of a mountain than with a cold beer and some wood that needs axing? Viking-style”

Sea To Sky Beer Guy


Dageraad the Burnabarian meet Conan the Barbarian.  One’s a Belgian-style table beer and the other’s a Cimmerian-born sword swinger.  They BOTH savagely slay all comers but as Conan curses Crom for his fortune, Dageraad brews liquid gold on the reg’!  I’m not sure who’d win in a fight but you just KNOW the Barbarian would crush a couple Burnabarians after a hard day of kicking ass!



His ancestors came up from distant lands to wage war on those who do not submit to the craft of beer. He continues the tradition while honouring the burnabarian. It is only fitting that this beer is named after his ancestors. The beer is powerful, glorious, and will have its way… and it is pretty darn tasty too.

Hoppa Fett

Steel isn’t strong, boy. Flesh is stronger…Behold, mere mortals, tremble at the hands of the Burnabarian!@craftcohop 14 brings us @dageraadbeer Belgian-style table beer, crushably perfect after slaying Thulsa Doom and his warriors. 

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After a morning of crushing enemies comes an afternoon of crushing cans. Because if you don’t like it, Vike it, and what better victory beer for a barbarian than a Burnabarian by Dageraad.




What do you think? Who most resembles your inner Champion?

Give the CraftCoHop team some overly enthusiastic applause for this round!  Head on over to @thebeerrater on Instagram and vote for your favourite pic! These fine folks’ livelihoods are at stake! When you’re done, why not give the hashtag #CraftcoHop a search and see what other shenanigans they’ve been up to? And let’s all give a huge thanks to Phantom for helping the gang out this round!

A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge – things are going to get a little rough…


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