I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!

If you’ve been paying attention in the craft beer world, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “Phantom Brand”. But what is a Phantom Brand? Well, I went to the source, or what I thought was the source -Phantom Brewing. When I got there, all there was to be seen, was a solitary can of beer. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me and I opened it. That was a mistake. As soon as I heard that familiar crack, I was surrounded by a whirlwind of ghastly figures. And then, as fast as they appeared, they were gone. Fearing for the safety of the Craftcohoperators, I had to make sure they were prepared to protect themselves from ghosts. Armed with a can of Phantom Brewing’s mindfuzz IPA, they got to work.

Join us – Let’s Bust some Ghosts!

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Thirsty Explorers Club


craftcohopDoes a knife even work on a phantom? Maybe my flashlight will scare it off? Maybe I’ll just drink this phantom and get the heck outta here, I’m scared







craftcohopThere’s a lot of solid ways to protect yourself from ghosts, but what happens when you are the ghost? I swear every time I try to offer my guests some of my favourite craft beers, they just run away screaming! What’s a super chill spectre supposed to do to be a good host? Don’t even get me started about the one time the weirdos with the backpacks and khaki jumpsuits showed up… Buzzkill!



Beer Brothers


craftcohopYou know that feeling you get when you pour a beer and you suddenly feel like you are being watched? Well I finally met my Phantom! This juicy IPA was too good for him to pass up. We shared a scare or two, and are now the best of ghouls! We highly recommend this beer to those who want to meet their own personal phantom!





Everyone knows ghosts can’t swim, right?! Anytime you feel that shiver down your spine, get yourself in some good old H2O and you’re guaranteed to be safe.







craftcohop“Save me, Dean Winchester!”

What do you do when facing the Phantom? If there’s one thing the Winchester boys have taught me, it’s to always keep some salt handy.

Facing me is the @phantombeer mindfuzz Hazy IPA. I’m safe…..for now.




craftcohop“I don’t believe in ghosts. Ghosts don’t exist, right? These cans of Mindfuzz from Phantom Brewing won’t avenge all the cans I already drank. This blanket will protect me. Why didn’t I crawl under the bed…”




Sea To Sky Beer Guy


craftcohopHow do you take down a phantom?  It’s easy if you’ve got a beer-thirsty Beholder handy!  If you don’t happen to have that many-eyed aberration at the ready you’ll just have to tackle Phantom Brewing Mind Fuzz IPA the old-fashioned way: one can at a time.  Roll the dice with Phantom, baby, it’s a critical hit!






craftcohopThere’s something scary this way coming you say, as much as I will try to deny it there’s always a chance that it will be something that really scars me. And by now I know the best way to protect yourself from hear no, see no, and speak no is that classic aluminum foil hat is best. With my protection totems also rocking them I know my thoughts will be fully protected, especially with that something coming out of the mist right now





craftcohopI was on a hike recently in the woods of North Vancouver and for the duration of the hike, I sensed that I was being followed. Every time I thought I saw something I swear it vanished. I finally stopped and fired up my supernatural triangulating decoder and waited for it to go to work.
Within minutes it was making all sorts of noise. It was picking up something very close! Then it appeared before me. Phantom Brewing Mindfuzz IPA. I tackled it to the ground and punctured its forehead allowing for its golden hazy contents to come pouring out. Within minutes, it was dead. I was victorious this time and will not let my guard down on future hikes.

Hoppa Fett


craftcohop“Mind-bottling. You know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?” -Chazz Michael Michaels

#craftcohop 11 brings us @phantombeer Mind Fuzz. This IPA is surprisingly light, with notes of citrus and sweet berries. At a deceptive 6.2% abv, this will sneak up and make your mind fuzz even fuzzier.



What do you think? How cool are these folks??

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A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge – we’re going to take it down a notch…


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