It’s not a lie if you believe it to be true!

Every beer inspired conversation hits a point that things get a little weird. A point at which, you wonder how or why these folks became your friends in the first place. This week we teamed up with the amazing folks at Red Collar Brewing and their appropriately named Clouded IPA – Alternative Facts. With a beer like this, I don’t think I really need to explain what the team got up to this week. Thank you Red Collar for this great addition to the CraftCoHop family and thank you CraftCoHoperatives for you amazing creativity once again!

Join us – Facts don’t Matter!

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Thirsty Explorers Club


Fun “fact”: The CN Tower was gifted to the city of Toronto in 1867 from Baron Doppelbock Von Pilsner, a wealthy German beer lover. Germany was facing a hop drought leading up to Oktoberfest in 1866 so the OGCPPTHF (Ontario Guild of Circus Performers and Part Time Hop Farmers) shipped all their excess hops to Germany for the festival. A lesser known “fact”…the bearded lady escaped the circus by hiding in the hops shipment. She was never seen again but rumor has it her beard hair was drank by millions at Oktoberfest that year




We’ve all been there, enjoying a night of craft beers with a group of friends when it happens… Someone comes out of left field and throws a conversational curveball that makes us all nearly spit our beers out. Instead we hold it in, take a loooong drink, pass looks of bewilderment around the table and have a silent standoff for who will respond first. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been that person, it happens to the best of us!



Beer Brothers


It’s been reported that the big orange has tapped into the delicious Red Collar Brewing, alternative facts.

Believe me, he states that this big tropical mango IPA is the HUGE. It has been heard during the G7 meetings that he is in a deep state of sadness there isn’t more slide time at these meetings. Some may question the credibility to know what great beer is, but after having this ourselves. We can say he is a stable genius with this beer.




*BREAKING NEWS!* New research has proven drinking craft beer daily will make you lose weight and shrink your waste line.

After a few cans of these Red Collar Brewing Alternative Facts sometimes our perception gets a little clouded, but who cares, they taste great






Fact or Alternative Fact? Playing a game of Disturbed Friends reveals how well your friends know you. What do you think my answer would be to this question?

#CraftCoHop this week brings me @redcollarbrewing Alternative Facts Clouded IPA. Games like this one is the most fun after a few beers.





We all know him. Beady little eyes, spouting nonsense, and once they’ve had a few, it pours out and all you see is a giant head. All you can really do is choose your own Alternative Facts with Red Collar Brewing.

Sea To Sky Beer Guy


Talks between our two great nations were going well and it was observed by many that Canada’s ambassador to the US, while new to the job, handled himself with a combination of aplomb and humility seldom seen in a bureaucrat.  Funnily enough, it was a point of agreement, not dispute where talks broke down.  Both the President and Ambassador agreed on the liberal use of Alternative Facts when it came brokering a deal.  It was when the Ambassador brought out a can of Red Collar Brewing’s Alternative Facts Clouded IPA that the President lost the plot and whistled for Secret Service to spirit him away.  In an attempt to save the summit, the Ambassador called after him, “I’ve got a Russian Imperial Stout here, if that makes you more comfortable!”  No deals were made that day.



So my younger brother(by 2 yrs) always says the weirdest stuff when drunk, sometimes to the point, I can’t be around him. And the perfect time when I was sitting in my workspace deciding what to do for this post and I can hear my brother down the hallway talking away  with my mum, to the point in my head I was like “did he just say that?” … and so follow the notes I took
• magic mushrooms cure cancer so my mum should eat them
• kids natural defense to getting sick and allergies is eating boogers , ” eating my boogies have helped clear my allergies!” ..quote from my brother
• going to a therapist is pointless because they just brainwash you into thinking there’s something wrong.

And lots lots more, biggest peeve of mine in that I refuse to share my “homework” with him because he’s more about consuming and not enjoying!



The best beers are made from rice and corn.
A delicious Lager is best enjoyed at room temperature
A good 5% Pilsner is perfectly aged at after 6 years in your closet.
ABV stands for ‘Air Bubbles Vary’
Too many hops will make you jumpy
You get the idea! Let’s hear yours!


Hoppa Fett



What’s that silly guy in the White House doing today? Probably signing into Instagram, heading to @thebeerrater, and voting for his favourite #craftcohop post.

I advise you so the same and see what everyone did with @redcollarbrewing Alternative Facts 5.6% abv clouded IPA!


What do you think? How cool are these folks??

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A huge thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for the next challenge it gets a little mystical! Any Guesses?


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