Canada 150 Across the nation CollaborationHappy Birthday Canada?

It’s been 150 years since Canada thrust its infantile head into the world and it seems like every, business, school, government branch and cafeteria lunch lady is doing something special to celebrate 150 years of saying “Sorry”. That said, anyone that can really count knows the Canada we have today is only 18 years old. Seriously! In 1999 a bunch of folks in the Northwest Territories decided that they wanted none-of-it and broke off to create our third territory – Nunavut. Be warned, my facts might be a little off there. If you don’t count that fact and a number of other arguable dates that one could call the birth of Canada, you end up finding out the Canada turns 150 this year. Try not to think about it too hard or your head will start to hurt. This is why I drink. On that note, let’s talk about beer.

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Canada 150Across the Nation Collaboration

To celebrate Canada 150, one of BC’s largest breweries, Central City Brewing, took on a very ambitious project to celebrate this remarkable anniversary. They collaborated with 12 other breweries across Canada to create an alcoholic road trip across the nation. As soon as I heard about this venture I was on board. The day they released these packs, I took off early from work to grab the overpriced pack straight from the source. I raced home as fast as my 2006 Honda Fit could take me – a blistering 45 Km/h.

Cheers to 150!

When I got home, I dove elbow deep into this case only to come out the other side with a big old mouthful of Canada sorrydisappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is an amazing endeavor. It’s a great way for the beer industry to band together and celebrate this arbitrary anniversary. Some might argue that it is a marketing genius. The industry needs more of this kind of cross-border collaboration. Kudos to Central City for spearheading the charge. I would love to see more of this kind of collaboration. I would just like to see a better job of execution. There are obviously a lot of logistics that go into this type of project and when you get to a certain size, quality inevitably starts to dwindle. When I’m forking out $30 for a case of 12 bottles, I expect more than a collective average of 3 thumbs up out of 5. There is one, maybe two beer out of the whole case that I would be interested in tasting again. Valiant effort gang, but a swing and a miss in my books.

Where’d everything go wrong?

question mark beerWe can’t chalk it up to the capabilities. I have tasted (and enjoyed) beer from every brewery that took part in this collaboration. I know for a fact that they are all capable of a better quality recipe creation and execution.

We can’t chalk it up to equipment. Every beer was brewed at Central City Brewing’s first class location in Surrey, BC. I have seen behind the curtain at the brewery and the amount of cheddar they spend on product quality is nuts!

This whole situation frustrates me. Both as a Canadian and a beer fan. On both counts, we can do better than this.

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Is this collaboration a great representation of the Canadian Brewing industry and I’m just a rambling idiot?
– Or do you agree? –
This is a great idea with poor execution?




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  1. Dan crocker

    Ive tried the first one from Yukon brewing and it was pretty good… After reading this… Im scared


      • Dan crocker

        Son of a…….. Well then…. Not even Last Best?? That one Im really excited for.

  2. Hal Hickey

    Just cracked my first two of the case. Average to underwhelming. It’s too bad that most of the collaboration brews I’ve tasted in the past 2 years seem to flop. Are the collaborating brewers not willing to share their secrets with others?

    The Powell Street – Four Winds recent collab was fabulous. Sadly that kind of quality is now the rare exception.

    I may have to start attending the launch events, have small tasters of the lot and pass on purchasing the bottled/canned versions.

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