Have You Even Heard of Brewers Row?

Brewers Row Port MoodyWhen we think of Vancouver Craft Beer, we think of the multitude of breweries that litter East Vancouver area. What people fail to think about is an equally (if not more) awesome and more beer-convenient neighbourhood a short 30 minutes away from East Vancouver – Brewers Row in Port Moody. This beautiful, accessible and delicious part of the world is a must see for any Craft Beer fan living or visiting the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

If you haven’t heard of it, Brewers Row is a collection of four awesome breweries that sit on a 500 meter stretch of road. To get there, it’s an easy drive from pretty much any direction. But if you want everyone in your party to be able to join in the experience, take the Skytrain. There’s a stop right behind the breweries and no one has to worry about consumption or appointing a designated driver.

The Breweries

Each Brewery is awesome for its own reason and they are all definitely worth visiting. I may ruffle some feathers in my opinions here, but they are all my favorite for different reasons:

Moody Ales Port MoodyMoody Ales – Best Service

I’m not saying the others suck, but from day one, the folks behind the bar at Moody Ales have been the facilitating and friendly out of the four breweries in the area.

The Parkside Brewery Port MoodyThe Parkside Brewery – Best Tasting Room

Arcade game, shuffle board, and a big ass grassy patio. Need I say more? These guys have put a lot of time and effort into creating a fun tasting room and it shows!

Yellow Dog Brewing Port MoodyYellow Dog Brewing Co. – Best Beer

Don’t get me wrong, all the four Brewers Row breweries’ beer is great, I just find Yellow Dog’s beer is the one I will buy at the liquor store and not just while I’m at the Brewery

Twin Sails Port MoodyTwin Sails Brewing – Best Vibe

Some will argue that Twin Sail has the best beer on Brewers Row, but they are too heavy on IPA’s for me to give them that title. I need some diversity in the lineup. What I love about them is how chill and relaxing their vibe is. It’s either the perfect start to your day or the perfect end.

There’s Food Too!

Rocky Point Ice CreamThere’s a lot of different options for when you need to fill your tum with something other than delicious beer. Along the row, there’s always different food trucks to grab a bite from. You can then take that food into any one of the breweries and do your best at a beer pairing. OR! If you want to nom your food down in a more peaceful setting, you can always take your meal across the street to Rocky Point Park and stare at the beautiful Burrard Inlet as you fill your face. While you’re at it, why not stop at Rocky Point Ice Cream for your well-deserved dessert?

If sitting down to a meal is more your thing, there’s lots of that too. The brand new Taps and Tacos that opened up a short walk away. There are lots of great pizza options (I suggest Pizzeria Spacca Napoli, not only is the pizza amazing, you get pizza scissors to cut it with! PIZZA SCISSORS!). If you are looking for something a little more classy – there’s also a Boathouse Restaurant right on the water.

A Perfect Day Out for Anyone

Whatever your fancy, Brewers Row has something for you. On any day you will see people young and old, having a beer, chat and/or a laugh there. I give a huge Kudos to the City of Port Moody for embracing the Craft Beer culture and facilitating such a great destination. I can’t stress how much you need to visit here if you haven’t and how much you need to get back there if you’ve already been!


Head Writer and Editor for thebeerrater.com. Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.


  1. And no article is complete without mentioning the Burrard Public House – local beer and great food with wonderful service. And if you’ve had enough beer the bartenders will make you a tasty “downtown” drink.

  2. Don’t give up on Twin Sails… last year they had nothing but saison at one point — 6 months ago it was a German (wit, kolsch, etc.) binge. They go through brew phases like everyone else. Creative and open minded.

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