Why Do We Love Big Cans? I Took it to The Streets to Findย Out

Phillips Solaris Beer CansCheck out any Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed these days – it’s all about cans! I’m the first to say that I care about my drinking vessel about as much as I care about #covfefe, but like most of the industry, I’ve been drawn to the 473 mL can. For those of you in the non-metric part of the world, we’re talking about the 16 oz. tall-boy can (slightly under to be precise). For me, I love them because when I empty one of these “tall-boy” cans into a ย glass, the beer stops pouring when the glass if full! As I said, I don’t care what the beer comes in, I just want to make sure I’m getting the right amount.

Lately, I’ve been told that my opinion isn’t enough. So I took this question to the streets. I went to my local liquor stores and started asking around. These are the reasons I found. Let’s see if you agree:

Craft Beer Can“The Labels are Cool!”

Breweries are working overtime to make their beer stand out on the shelf – we’re seeing some really cool labels out there. ย Designers seem to get more creative with cans than bottles and we have seen some really cool artwork lately. It might not directly speak to the beer inside, but I will always take a second look at a can that looks nice (see what I did there?)

“I Drink Less Beer With a Big Can”

Although at first, the logic seems off, this actually makes sense. If I want “one drink” on a weekday, one tall can will actually quench my thirst. When I have the smaller 355 mL, I am more inclined to have two. Sometimes, if those 2 beerย give me a slight buzz… the floodgates swing wide open leading into to a morning of closed office doors, multiple cups of coffee and many unanswered emails.

“You Know it’s Craft!”

I don’t know about your beer market, but in BC, when you see a 472 mL can with a sticker label in a four-pack, you can guarantee that it comes from a “Craft Brewery”. By picking these tell-tale cans, you can eliminate the guesswork on whether the brewery is “Craft” or not. We also have a “Door to Door” canning company that provides breweries the ability to can their beer without investing in a costly canning line.

I want to hear from you! What do you think about the tall cans? Why do you buy them? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Couple things. 16oz is only a pint in the USA lol. It’s 20oz in Canada take that.

    My only problem with tall cans is that I don’t want 4 of the bloody cans. They need to treat the tall can like the bomber and sell in singles. I will continue to favour bombers above all other packaging until they do this.

  2. As a beer lover, I can say that when I drink in the big can, it’s more that I’ll drink less in the big can. Usually anything I drink in the can is a cheaper beer, not so much a craft beer. I seem to miss craft beers in cans…and it’s true as long as it tastes good, who cares what it comes in?

  3. I like the big cans because they are nice to share. This is nice when you are tasting several beers.

  4. Not much of a beer drinker, but what you said totally make sense! I do love the cool labels!

  5. Not much to add on this one: I like Tall Cans and I Can Not Lie! What I wanted to do was leave a comment on your 150 year Canada Collaboration post, but it wouldn’t let me. Comments close after a certain amount of time? Anyhoo, good stuff all the way around. Thank you, The Beer Rater!

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