Why Do We Love Big Cans? I Took it to The Streets to Find Out

Phillips Solaris Beer CansCheck out any Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed these days – it’s all about cans! I’m the first to say that I care about my drinking vessel about as much as I care about #covfefe, but like most of the industry, I’ve been drawn to the 473 mL can. For those of you in the non-metric part of the world, we’re talking about the 16 oz. tall-boy can (slightly under to be precise). For me, I love them because when I empty one of these “tall-boy” cans into a  glass, the beer stops pouring when the glass if full! As I said, I don’t care what the beer comes in, I just want to make sure I’m getting the right amount.

Lately, I’ve been told that my opinion isn’t enough. So I took this question to the streets. I went to my local liquor stores and started asking around. These are the reasons I found. Let’s see if you agree:

Craft Beer Can“The Labels are Cool!”

Breweries are working overtime to make their beer stand out on the shelf – we’re seeing some really cool labels out there.  Designers seem to get more creative with cans than bottles and we have seen some really cool artwork lately. It might not directly speak to the beer inside, but I will always take a second look at a can that looks nice (see what I did there?)

“I Drink Less Beer With a Big Can”

Although at first, the logic seems off, this actually makes sense. If I want “one drink” on a weekday, one tall can will actually quench my thirst. When I have the smaller 355 mL, I am more inclined to have two. Sometimes, if those 2 beer give me a slight buzz… the floodgates swing wide open leading into to a morning of closed office doors, multiple cups of coffee and many unanswered emails.

“You Know it’s Craft!”

I don’t know about your beer market, but in BC, when you see a 472 mL can with a sticker label in a four-pack, you can guarantee that it comes from a “Craft Brewery”. By picking these tell-tale cans, you can eliminate the guesswork on whether the brewery is “Craft” or not. We also have a “Door to Door” canning company that provides breweries the ability to can their beer without investing in a costly canning line.

I want to hear from you! What do you think about the tall cans? Why do you buy them? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Couple things. 16oz is only a pint in the USA lol. It’s 20oz in Canada take that.

    My only problem with tall cans is that I don’t want 4 of the bloody cans. They need to treat the tall can like the bomber and sell in singles. I will continue to favour bombers above all other packaging until they do this.

  2. As a beer lover, I can say that when I drink in the big can, it’s more that I’ll drink less in the big can. Usually anything I drink in the can is a cheaper beer, not so much a craft beer. I seem to miss craft beers in cans…and it’s true as long as it tastes good, who cares what it comes in?

  3. I like the big cans because they are nice to share. This is nice when you are tasting several beers.

  4. Not much of a beer drinker, but what you said totally make sense! I do love the cool labels!

  5. Not much to add on this one: I like Tall Cans and I Can Not Lie! What I wanted to do was leave a comment on your 150 year Canada Collaboration post, but it wouldn’t let me. Comments close after a certain amount of time? Anyhoo, good stuff all the way around. Thank you, The Beer Rater!

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