Beer and HockeyBeer and Hockey!

Beer and Hockey, Hockey and Beer… One of the all-time iconic duos? It ranks up there with Lennon and McCartney, Mick and Keith, Hall and Oates. What?! Out of Touch is a bangin’ song. What? A 40-year-old can use the word “bangin”. I’m still hip to be square.

So back to beer and hockey. I’m a huge Edmonton Oilers fan and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Orange and Blue in the playoffs – I forgot how exciting playoff hockey can be. The incredible knot in your stomach as your team tries to kill off a powerplay, the excitement as the young fourth liner wins the game in overtime, the big hit by your captain to turn the game around!!!! This stuff is fantastic!

Let Me Take a Breather for a Second

Beer and hockey iceWhether you are watching the game at home by yourself (with your cat in his cute little jersey) or out at the bar with your mates, there is a really good chance that you are drinking beer. It settles the nerves, it gives you something to do besides chew your nails until they bleed. Most times it’s more comforting than your jackass friend who is cheering for the other team just to be hateful.

Now when we think about beer and hockey we probably think about the massed produce yellow stuff that has about as much personality as a Flames fan. Let’s face it just because the macros can’t make a good beer doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing at marketing and advertising and there is no better time for them than the playoffs. You can’t avoid the ads showing the best times being had whilst reaching into the fridge for an ice cold Bud, or high fiving the waitress at the bar (yeah you’re what she wants.)

So does this mean there is no room for craft beer in the hockey world? Well, that’s a stupid question and I will scold myself later for asking it. Of course there is dummy. There is always room for good beer. HOWEVER there is a caveat. During a hockey game, I am more concerned with what’s on the ice and less concerned with what’s in my glass. I don’t particularly care if my Brett IPA is horseblankety enough (it’s a thing I swear), or whether I can get the essence of whiskey in my barrel-aged red ale. Not now. McDavid just got blatantly cross-checked and the ref is too blind to notice!

Craft Beer Fits Between the Posts

There is a time and place for beer evaluation and weirdly game time isn’t it. That being said I will always enjoy a nice West Coast IPA, or one of the new swanky New England IPA’s. Frankly I don’t care where it comes from, just it get
into me. A kolsh or a munich lager will also go down nicely. These are beers I don’t have to put a lot of thought into and still enjoy them. The have a backbone without being all up in my hockey logo

I like my beer and I like my hockey and I don’t think I have to sacrifice one for the enjoyment of the other. If you are a craft beer drinker. Relax. Stop being so damn serious all the time. Close your Untappd app for an hour. If you aren’t a craft beer drinker. Experiment. You’ll be surprised how good beer can be even when there isn’t a free shirt. If you aren’t a hockey fan. I guess move to Toronto. They don’t know anything about hockey either.

Like Messier and Gretzky, awesome duos are hard to find. Put your feet up, open a beer and enjoy the playoffs. GO OILERS!!!!



Head Writer and Editor for Certified Beer Drinker and self proclaimed back-flip fanatic. I like beer.


  1. So I don’t drink beer but now I am wondering can bad beer ruin your game watching experience? Is beer sold at the stadium considered good or bad beer?

    • We believe good or bad beer depends on the drinker. If your team is losing… Its probably going to be bad beer. But if you’re winning then you are drinking the nectar of the gods

  2. clarice20

    I’m not a beer drinker or a huge hockey fan, but this was fun and hilarious to read nonetheless! Go Oilers!

  3. I agree! Beer and any sport go hand and hand! It just creates the perfect atmosphere! Hopefully the playoffs turn out in your favor!

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