Choose Your Glass Wisely

In the past, I’ve made the claim that what you use for your Beer Glass doesn’t matter. While 99% of me still agrees with this statement, the remaining 1% feels like it may actually matter a little bit. So in the spirit of drinking, I’m going to let the 1% speak for a while…

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It’s Not What You Think!

Sooooo apparently, your beer glass DOES matter. It’s not for the reason you think though. A whole bunch of turds out there will try to convince you that it angles the smell of the beer, and refracts the sun’s rays to let the beer gods shine brightly upon your brew. I’ve tried this numerous times and I’m just going to point out that it’s mostly bullshit. Mostly. I know there are “connoisseurs” out there that will argue with me until the drunks come home about how glassware’s effect on beer. These people are turds. It doesn’t really heighten the experience for me and I’m not about to listen to a turd anyway. If it holds beer, that’s all we care about at

Beer GlassesBulging Glasses Are NOT to be Trusted

According to science, there’s really only one important reason you should pay attention to your beer glass… Seriously. For once, I’m not joking. Any seasoned beer drinker has learned how to pace themselves by monitoring the beer left in their glass.  It’s a relatively important skill – It’s what separates the dignified drinkers from the shirtless frat boys dancing pantless on a table in shifty Auckland dive bar that time (not that that ever happened to me).


According to a study at the University of Bristol, the shape of your glass has a lot to do with how well you can judge your consumption. Generally speaking, a straight walled glass is your friend and the rounded glass is a veritable firehose of drunk. According to this study, drinking from a straight walled glass, people finished their drink in approximately 11 minutes. The curved wall glass was discovered to be your nemesis. Apparently, those who drank from the curved wall glass finished their drink in approximately 7 minutes. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what side of the bar you’re sitting on.

Amber Beer Glass

READ: University Of Bristol – Beer Glasses Influence Your Rate of Consumption

More Proof!

Another part of this study demonstrated that when looking at a 50% full glass the straight walled glass vs a curved walled glass. Subjects were able to identify the midpoint of the straight walled beer glass much better than its deceptive curved walled cousin. Crazy stuff. I knew it wasn’t all my fault for getting so drunk all these times…

I think this calls for an experiment! Go and try it yourself, then report back here to see if this study holds water (or beer in this case).


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  1. Full disclosure: I’ve got me some tulip-shaped glasses and they’re far and away my favorites. But other than bias, 99% of me agrees with you, Beerrater. I would never turn down a glass of craft if the container didn’t conform to the style standards of the day. I WOULD turn it down if what was INSIDE the glass was less than standard, though. Thanks for another great post, happy Canada Day, Man!

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