It’s Beer Fest Time!

It may not look like it outside but the best of times are upon us. The season of beer fest is here my friends and there’s no stopping it. Even if the beer gods are dumping water on your head and instead of beer in your mouth, the show will go on. On top of that – it seems like more and more of these beer fests are popping up each day. But how do you keep track of them? Which ones are worth your time? Fear not little lamb, is here to guide you. With our extensive experience of all that is beer fest, we will show you the way and save you some time (and maybe some money too). If you don’t know where to be or if you don’t care where to be – have a look at this guide for the Month of June 2017:


Vancouver craft beer week beer festVancouver Craft Beer Week Beer Fest: May 26 – June 3

Link: Vancouver Craft Beer Week 

There are a number of events rocking around Vancouver, BC during VCBW. Although its book ended with two different Beer Fests, they aren’t generally the greatest of the season. It’s the events during the middle of this week really that make this fest worthwhile. There’s always some really cool showcase nights, food pairings and new to this year – feats of strength. There’s something for everyone, if you’re in town, or plan to be in town, I would suggest heading over to their website and grabbing a ticket to whatever suits your fancy.

Valemount Craft beer ExperienceValemount Craft Beer Experience: June 16- June 17

Link: Valemount Craft Beer Experience

A brand new event in the interior of BC, Canada. I can’t fully endorse this Beer Fest without attending, but I do know the area is absolutely amazing and any time that you can combine a weekend in the mountains with beer, it’s worth it. Even it the beer is decent at best, the weekend getaway will be worth it. Trust me. I know these things.


Tricities Cask FestivalTriCities Cask Festival: June 24

Link: TriCities Cask Festival

This little Beer Fest claims to be the biggest “Cask Only” beer fest in Western Canada. Whether that is true or not, it’s worth your time. First off the weather is always kick-ass this time of year and second of all: Casked beer is always interesting. Not even the brewers can fully predict how the beer will react to the aging process and adjuncts they put in it. What makes it exciting for newbies and beer geeks alike is that each beer is a unique one off. If you’re not there to taste the beer, you’ll miss it forever. This has to be one of my favourite events of the year.


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